Spakwus Eagle

Forest George of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation shares the word for “eagle” in the Squamish language.

Connecting with the Creator’s Creatures

Aboriginal guides share BC’s abundant and varied wildlife with visitors.

Max’inux Killer Whale

Mike Child shares the Kwakiutl Nation word for killer whale.

Takaya Wolf

Dennis Thomas shares the Tsleil-Waututh Nation word for wolf.

Feasting First Nations-style

For a truly Canadian feast, you have to try authentic First Nations cooking.

Land of Our Ancestors

Discover B.C.’s magnificent geography through the eyes of its first peoples

A Warm Welcome in Stanley Park

“Klahowya” means “Welcome” in the Chinook trading language.

Ktunaxa Greeting to Visitors

Lillian Rose shares a Ktunaxa “greeting for visitors”

Weaving cedar. Weaving stories.

Weaving art and culture together – a First Nations tradition.

First Nations Carvings and Culture

A look at centuries-old Aboriginal totem, mask and carving traditions still being used to make First Nations art today.