5 Restaurants to Visit in BC

Celebrity chef Rich Francis talks about Indigenous cuisine plus learn where to enjoy bannock, salmon and more.

For Aboriginal Communities, ‘Spring Break’ Means Spirituality

“Spring break” has a connotation for Aboriginal communities that is starkly different than its meaning for the rest of society.

When This Tree Falls In a Forest, Everyone Watches

SHUSWAP, BRITISH COLUMBIA — James August spent one hour on a momentous Sunday morning alone with a tree. He stood in the January cold touching the bark of the 120-foot cottonwood that had spent all of its years on the property of the Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band. Elders such as August selected the cottonwood for… Read more »

Culture, Not Costumes: The Art of Regalia

“A costume denotes dressing as something you are not,” Dangeli said. “All our regalia has our stories and history behind it. And the regalia we use in our dance group, our masks, we have over a hundred songs, and just as many masks, which are tied and attached to the songs.”

Talking Totems

Celebrated BC artist Andy Everson shared his vast knowledge of totem poles recently, following a totem pole tour through Thunderbird Park beside the Royal BC Museum that he gave during the Aboriginal Cultural Festival in Victoria.

Meet a Local Legend: K’odi Henry Frank Nelson

Hailing from the Musgamakw Dzawada’enuxw Nation, K’odi is helping revive his culture and instill pride back into the future generation!

Meet a Local Legend: The Salmon

The perseverance to restore salmon stocks and keep age-old tradition and culture alive is a lesson learned from the salmon itself.

Meet a Local Legend: K’umugwe Dancers

Meet 13-year old Jessie Everson in the next episode of our ‘Meet a Local Legend’ video series.

The Art of Cowichan Knitting

When it comes to Canadian Aboriginal art, weathered totem poles, carved wooden masks, or colourful paintings come to mind. But what about knitting?

Meet Coyote, an Indigenous “Legend”

Coyote, he is a trickster and a helper – and he helped shape one First Nations conception of the world.