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Indigneous Tourism BC is a non-profit, Stakeholder based organization that is committed to growing and promoting a sustainable, culturally rich, Indigenous tourism industry as a one-stop resource for Indigenous entrepreneurs and communities in British Columbia.

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Types of Stakeholders

Non-Voting Stakeholders

Honorary Stakeholders

An Elder or an Indigenous Organization.

Associate Stakeholders

An Indigenous/Non-Indigenous Business or Organization interested in supporting the Indigenous cultural tourism industry. The annual fee for Associate Stakeholders is $99 + GST (if applicable).

Benefits for Honorary & Associate Stakeholders

Honorary and Associate Stakeholders receive the following benefits:

  • Stay connected with what is happening in the Indigenous tourism industry in BC with regular ITBC Updates via email.
  • Attend ITBC Annual General Meeting, Stakeholder Forums and other networking events.

Start-Up Phase Stakeholders

Indigenous Communities or Entrepreneurs exploring Indigenous cultural tourism as an economic development opportunity. The annual fee for Start-Up Phase Stakeholders is $99 + GST (if applicable).

Visitor-Ready Stakeholders

Tourism business is operational and meets Visitor-Ready criteria. The annual fee for Visitor-Ready Stakeholders is $99 + GST (if applicable).


The following criteria are used to determine if a tourism supplier offers a “Visitor-Ready” product to consumers:

  • Maintain good standings of all applicable business licenses, insurance and legislative requirements.
  • Maintain staffed business location with a set schedule of operating hours.
  • Provide a telephone number or email contact year round. When close during the off-season, provide automated response through voicemail or email.
  • Have a branded on-site location.

Benefits for Start-Up Phase & Visitor-Ready Stakeholders

Start-Up Phase and Visitor-Ready Stakeholders receive all the benefits of Honorary and Associate Stakeholders as well as:

  • A Profile page for your organization on the ITBC Corporate website with a link to your website
  • Access to the latest and most relevant tourism industry research.
  • Business development support from ITBC staff by phone or email.
  • Participation in special events like the Victoria Indigenous Cultural Festival.

Voting Stakeholders — ITBC Marketing Program Stakeholders

Market-Ready Stakeholders

Tourism business is operational and meets Market-Ready criteria. The annual fee for Market-Ready Stakeholders is $499 + GST (if applicable).


The following criteria are used to determine if a tourism supplier offers a “Market-Ready” product to consumers:

  • Meet Visitor-Ready Standards.
  • 51% Indigenous-Owned
  • Be in business for a least one year, with a proven track record for safety and professional operation.
  • Provide a published pricing policy.
  • Have a published consumer billing, payment and cancellation policy.
  • Have marketing material such as brochures or rack cards.
  • A fully operational website that accurately reflects your business.
  • Subscribe to social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter.
  • Subscribe to a travel advisory site i.e. TripAdvisor.
  • Have site based parking in close proximity.
  • During operating season, maintain a 24 – 48 hour response time, or less, to inquiries and a 24 hour response time to reservation and booking requests.
  • Be prepared to communicate and accept reservations by telephone, fax and/or e-mail and provide same day confirmation of booking arrangements.
  • Have high resolution images for promotional purposes.
  • Have frontline staff trained in customer service (such as FirstHost, WorldHost or equivalent customer service training programs).
  • Be an active ITBC Market-Ready Stakeholder and eligible to become a stakeholder of your local tourism association.

ITBC provides training for Visitor-Ready Stakeholders to help become Market-Ready.

Benefits for Marketing Stakeholders

Market-Ready Stakeholders receive all the benefits of Start-Up Phase and Visitor-Ready Stakeholders as well as:

  • Promotion on ITBC’s consumer & travel trade website with separate listings for each experience type offered and including a link to your business website.
  • Promotion in ITBC’s Regional print brochures.
  • Participate in Domestic Travel Trade, Media and FAM Tours.
  • Promotion at special events such as the Victoria Aboriginal Cultural Festival.
  • Market-Ready Stakeholders gain voting privileges within the Association after 12 months of participation in an ITBC Marketing Program.

Export-Ready Stakeholders

Tourism business is operational and meets Export-Ready criteria. The annual fee for Export-Ready Stakeholders is $499 + GST (if applicable).


The following criteria are consistent with Export-Ready standards and are used to determine if a tourism supplier offers an “Export-Ready” product to international consumers and the travel trade.

  • Must meet Visitor-Ready and Market-Ready Standards.
  • Demonstrate an adequate budget and marketing plan that includes international tourisms operators.
  • Understand the roles play by receptive tour operators, tour operators, travel wholesalers and retail travel agents and understand rack and retail pricing, agent commissions and wholesales net rates at each level.
  • Be willing to include receptive tour operators in your marketing and sales plans and provide contracted wholesale rates to receptive tour operators.
  • Provide detailed pricing and program information to tour operators and wholesaler at least one year in advance of selling season.
  • Be prepared to set up billing arrangements with the tour operator, wholesale agency, or receptive tour operators.
  • If you plan to pursue group business, ensure you are able to accommodate and adapt to the needs of the market (i.e. bus parking, washroom facilities, maximum group size, group pricing and frontline staff that speak the language of your target markets).
  • Carry adequate insurance (ask your receptive tour operator if you can be added to their policies at a nominal cost).
  • Provide support (free or reduced rates) for international media and travel trade familiarization tours.
  • Offer currency exchange rates consistent with industry norms.

ITBC provides training for Market-Ready Stakeholders to help become Export-Ready.

Benefits for Export-Ready Stakeholders

Export-Ready Stakeholders receive all the benefits of Market-Ready Stakeholders as well as:

  • Participate in International Travel Trade, Media and FAM Tours

For more information, contact:

Samantha Rullin, Stakeholder & Marketing Coodinator
Local Phone: (604) 921-1070 ext 231
[email protected]