Shaping the future of Aboriginal Tourism

Aboriginal Tourism Leader Pulls Forward with New Vision for the Future

April 12, 2017, Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver, BC) – The Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia (AtBC) has released a new plan that is going to significantly boost Aboriginal tourism growth in First Nations communities across British Columbia.

“The real power of authentic Aboriginal tourism lies in helping Aboriginal communities reconnect with their culture and take ownership over the way that they share it.  We are seeing a powerful new generation of strong and proud business leaders come up, and we want to do everything we can to make sure they succeed,” says Brenda Baptiste, Chair of AtBC. 

Like other Aboriginal communities invested in tourism, Baptist knows that tourism is one of the largest sectors in British Columbia and Aboriginal tourism is setting the pace for new growth and opportunity. 

With proper funding and with the ongoing help of its dedicated and growing support base, AtBC maintains that by 2022, the Aboriginal tourism industry in British Columbia could generate $75M in Aboriginal tourism revenues annually and employ 4,950 Aboriginal people.

“This is about more than just business.  Tourism is transforming communities and bringing an entirely new energy into hundreds of communities across the province,” adds Baptiste.  “We have a tremendous opportunity here, which is why our new plan is so focused on partnerships and bold new ideas.  We have to move fast and with purpose.”

To move the Aboriginal tourism industry to the next level, AtBC’s new corporate plan is ultimately working towards ensuring BC is a top choice for authentic Aboriginal experiences; that visitors have a great experience so they “rave” about it to others, and most important, that AtBC stakeholders benefit.

About Aboriginal Tourism BC
AtBC is an Aboriginal tourism association recognized by the BC’s First Nation Leadership as the official representative of the Aboriginal tourism sector. AtBC represents over 300 Aboriginal tourism businesses and First Nations communities across BC, and is a one-stop resource for Aboriginal entrepreneurs and communities in British Columbia who are operating or looking to start a tourism business, build their experience, grow their destination, or improve their marketing.  

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