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Haida Gwaii Museum

Haida Gwaii Museum
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The Haida Gwaii Museum serves the population of Haida Gwaii and is committed to showcasing Haida historical and contemporary art, culture and language; a diverse range of exhibition and public programming, and promoting the rich diversity of Haida Gwaii. During the last 30 years, the museum has worked closely with the Haida community on repatriation initiatives and several other programs aimed at strengthening and supporting the growth of Haida culture and has mentored Haida individuals in arts and heritage-related careers.

The Haida Gwaii Museum works collaboratively with local, regional and international organizations and artists in the ongoing development of community engagement with art and culture, encouraging creativity, dialogue, and promoting new ways of thinking about the world. It is both a regional and community museum where the rich and diverse stories of Haida Gwaii are kept and told for people of today and for future generations.