33rd Annual – Chief William Father’s Day Traditional Powwow

There will be a traditional lehal tournament on Friday June 16th, where teams of up to six will face each other to compete in this traditional game. Saturday will be filled with the Traditional Pow Wow, the Chief William Princess Pageant and feast. Sunday will host another Grand Entry and once again be the day of the traditional giveaway.

Lehal is an ancient First Nation’s game which consists of two opposing teams. There are two pairs of “bones”, one pair with a stripe and one without. The game also uses a set of scoring sticks (usually ten) and in some areas a “kick” or “king” stick—an extra stick won by the team who gets to start the game. The game is usually accompanied by drumming and singing used to boost the morale of the team. The side that has the bones sings, while the other tries to guess. The musical accompaniment is also sometimes used to taunt the other team. Players and spectators may place bets on teams, or individual matches within the game between one guess and the other team’s bone hiders.

The entire weekend is free to the public and held at the Chief William Campsite and Arbor, Williams Lake Indian Band.