Gwaii Haanas Talk: David Dixon, Haida Gwaii Watchman

Legend says that the role of the watchmen was to alert its owner to the approach of an enemy or any other happenings he should be aware of. It is symbolized by three human figures wearing high hats and is often found perched on top of Haida poles. This is the symbol adopted by the Haida to represent the Haida Gwaii Watchmen Program.

The Haida people recognize that natural and cultural elements cannot be separated. They recognize that the protection of the Gwaii Haanas is essential to sustaining Haida culture, and so initiated the Watchmen Program to protect culturally significant sites in the South Moresby region, now known as Gwaii Haanas, “Island of wonder.”

Join David Dixon as he shares personal stories from his 11-year career working in Gwaii Haanas as a Haida Gwaii Watchman.

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