Hobiyee 2015 Ts’amiks Edition

The month of February (or BUXW-LAKS) marks the beginning of the Nisga’a First Nation’s New Year. Hobiyee {Ho-be-yeh} is a celebration of the waxing crescent moon during the latter part of winter each year. The Nisga’a People of North Western BC watch for the positioning of the moon and the stars as a prediction of the coming harvest.

Hobiyee is celebrated wherever Nisga’a people live. In Vancouver, the Nisga’a of Ts’amiks (Vancouver) hosts the big event each year. The celebration this year will take place at the PNE from February 6-7. Vancouver’s Hobiyee is free to attend and everyone is welcome to come share in the Nisga’a culture! Click here for the full Hobiyee agenda.

The Hobiyee Planning Committee and the Nisga’a Ts’amiks Vancouver Society will also be holding Hobiyee Education Day, pre-registration is required. Click here for pre-registration information.