Northern Hardware ​Prince George ​Canoe Race

On July 1 paddlers from around North America will be gathering in Prince George for the epic challenge of the Northern Hardware PG Canoe Race. Paddlers from 14 years to masters will be eligible.

The Alexander Mackenzie Class is open to experienced tandem canoes that will face a 67.5km paddle through the challenging white water of the Isle Pierre and White Mud rapids. Safety along the Race course is provided by the work of the PG SAR in conjunction with the PG Jet Boat Society.
The Simon Fraser Class will cover 32km of down river paddling and is open to tandem canoes, solo or double kayaks, voyageur canoes or stand up paddle boards (SUPs). The scenic Nechako River joins the Fraser River both of which have historic significance and the finish is at Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park.