Ravens, Eagles, Polka Dots: A Reg Davidson/Dahlia Drive Collaboration

The Reg Davidson/Dahlia Drive clothing line is based on the two main clans of Haida lineage: the Raven and the Eagle. Although Davidson has depicted these two moieties in many art forms, they picked the “Raven Dancing” silkscreen and “Eagle Drum” painting. The palette of the line is inspired by the Haida Gwaii landscape and traditional colours used by Haida artists on their carvings: red cedar, red ochre, ash black, and sea foam green.

Dahlia Drive creates clothing from discarded white curtain sheers and slips. Structures are sewn first and then printed, often many times, to create a seamless, continuous depiction of the image. Like the transformational and humorous aspect of many Haida stories, the diaphanous material of the clothing floats around the wearer, its images grand, transparent and never fully revealed at once. The newest structural form added to the line is the Yukata, or Japanese summer kimono.

The collection can be bought online at www.DahliaDrive.com and will be on sale at the event.


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