RezErect: Native Erotica

The Bill Reid Gallery presents Rez Erect: Native Erotica, a fresh, playful, provocative insight into sensuality and sexuality. The exhibition features works by 27 mid-career and internationally recognized First Nations artists from the Northwest Coast and central Canada.

In the words of Gwaai Edenshaw, “There have always been those in our community who have shared a very different story, a complex and nuanced narrative. Sex figures prominently in aboriginal stories across the continent, as sexual humour, playful irreverence, spiritual reverence, place names, morality tales or other meanings lost in time. In my world, it’s a safe bet that the laughter coming from that group of grandmothers over there drinking tea is partly triggered by sexual innuendo. We hope to carry on that tradition here – sexy, intelligent, fun and provocative.”

This exhibition is running from September 25th, 2013, to February 16th, 2014.

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