The 3rd Annual Harrison Salmon Festival

The third annual Harrison Salmon Festival will be taking place from October 14-18 between 12-4pm. Guests will witness thousands of spawning salmon at the Weaver Creek Spawning Channel and Chehalis River Hatchery, and can join artisan demonstrations, interpretative walks, special guest talks, and so much more.

New this year is the Salmon Theatre and salmon barbecue at the Charlie Longhouse in Chehalis. The theatre showcases the ancient tale of the salmon and their fight for survival and protection. The Salmon Theatre is hosted by Sasquatch Tours serving sustainably caught Harrison River products. Guests are invited to purchase their salmon and souvenirs at the Chehalis Store and Gas.

Theatre tickets are $40 per person and also include Harrison Select Candied Salmon as a takeaway gift. Tickets can be purchased online or in person at the Chehalis Store.