The Nature of Things: Gwaii Haanas 30 Years Later

Take part in an evening of film and conversation with Dr. David Suzuki, academic, science broadcaster and environmental activist; Guujaaw and Miles Richardson, both former leaders of the Council of the Haida Nation: Peter Lantin, current President, Council of the Haida Nation.

Thirty years ago, Dr. David Suzuki brought the stand at Lyell Island to the attention of the world through his program, The Nature of Things. In two episodes, he featured the films, Island at the Edge and Windy Bay. They captured the public’s attention and considerable support for the Haida Nation’s stand at Lyell Island. This eventually led to an unprecedented agreement between the Haida Nation and the Government of Canada to co-operatively manage Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, Marine Conservation Area, and Haida Heritage Site. Born out of conflict, Gwaii Haanas exists as the only place in the world that is protected from mountain top to sea floor.

This special evening features a screening of the two films followed by a lively discussion by the panelists reflecting on that earlier time and where we are today, 30 years later.

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