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CrossRiver Wilderness Centre is an environmentally-sustainable place of nature, inspiration, adventure, and community. Family-operated, and located in the wilderness of the Canadian Rocky ... Read More

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CrossRiver Wilderness Centre is an environmentally-sustainable place of nature, inspiration, adventure, and community. Family-operated, and located in the wilderness of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

As an eco-sensitive Wilderness Centre for adventure travellers, youth organizations, and nature lovers alike, mountain accommodations (in teepees and heritage cabins), hiking, backpacking, rafting, and canoeing adventures are extended. Also environmental and experiential education programs, inter-cultural sharing experiences, with various First Nations, indigenous, and nature-based cultures’ elders and communities, and community arts retreats.

CrossRiver Wilderness Centre is the daughter organization of Cross River Cabins and Kootenay Wilderness Tours.

People can choose to book activities in advance for during their stay. For the sweat lodge experience, or other possible workshops, etc. with a spiritual component, there is no extra cost. We only ask that an offering or donation be gifted to the amount that is of equal or greater value to the questions in your heart. This is in keeping with the cultural teachings passed on to us.

For guided hiking, backpacking, or canoeing/rafting, there will be an extra charge, and trails and rivers will be chosen after discussion with the guide and the rest of the group.

Traditional Lodgings

People can stay in either a secluded heritage cabin, lovingly decorated with items from the family's history and life-experience stories, and with a bathroom. Or stay in a teepee encampment, with use of the main lodge for showering.

Art Galleries & Gift Shops

There is a gift shop on-site that people can browse. It includes clothing items, cookbooks, Canadiana souvenirs, natural soaps and candles, traditional crafts, and various local animal and plant themed souvenirs.

Cultural Performances and Workshops

Many people of many cultures from all around the world come together at CrossRiver and we are not only honored that we can share something of ourselves with them, but are deeply thankful for and respectfully open to all they have to share with us. We see culture as essentially a reflection of humans’ relationship with the land, and part of what we have to share is our life-way with this land in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The indigenous peoples of the world have often, until very recently, been left out of this conversation about the interconnections between culture and nature, but no doubt have much to add to it.

Hiking and Walks

We try to be guides that gently help people to get “lost” in the wilderness. To put it another way, we feel called to helping others embrace their own spirits of creativity, exploration, wonder, and potential. It is because we are so good at being lost and finding ourselves again, so used to being in that place of discovery ourselves, and so accustomed to engaging with the incredible wilderness in this way that we are so good at being wilderness guides. We take occupational details—such as wilderness first aid, group safety, route and trip planning, hazard recognition, and group management—very seriously, and we also acknowledge, respect, and wildly embrace the fact that there is a lot more going on here beyond ourselves, and beyond our control.

Bear Watching

"Varying in color from almost white to black. Adult males average 155cm in length, 110 cm height at shoulder, and weigh 125 kg. Black bears can be distinguished from their cousins, the grizzly, by their tapered muzzles and narrower faces, their lack of a larger hump on shoulders, and their lack of ruff of long hair around their heads and neck. They can run up 55 km/hour over short distances."

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