48 Hours: East of Vancouver in Agassiz, Chilliwack & Langley

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This itinerary features options for those looking for a short getaway from the city. Less than two hours east of  Vancouver, the lower Fraser River area is the traditional territory of the Coast Salish and Sto:lo people and has endless options to slow the pace and enjoy pastoral views and fresh produce, wildlife tours, and great river fishing–without leaving the Lower Mainland.

Agassiz | Chilliwack | Langley

Coast Salish-Sto:lo

Responsible tourism means that the experience creates a positive impact for all involved–not just the traveller. Responsible Indigenous tourism in BC means that travel includes consideration of all which is of value to Indigenous Peoples–their communities, languages, and cultures; water, animals, and lands.

How to Travel Responsibly

Day 1: Langley & Agassiz

12 PM Lelem’ Arts and Cultural Cafe

Your first stop is Lelem’ Arts and Cultural Cafe at Fort Langley in eastern Kwantlen territory. Lelem’ means home in henqeminem, the language spoken by the Kwantlen people and other Sto:lo communities along the lower Fraser River. Eat lunch in this bright cedar-drenched, rainforest-inspired cafe that offers a from-scratch menu with flavours that honour a traditional Coast Salish diet, including sockeye and spruce tip, venison and sage.

For an immersive and lively experience, the cafe hosts arts and cultural events and performances by local and Indigenous artists. Lelem’ is located at Fort Langley National Historic Site, a pristine park, and site of a small Hudson’s Bay Company post built in Kwantlen Territory for trade with the Coast Salish during the 1800s.

3 PM Sxwimele Boutique & Gift Shop

Also located at Fort Langley National Historic Site, this gift shop is owned by Kwantlen First Nation. It features contemporary Indigenous art and jewelry, as well as traditional blankets and other unique Indigenous-designed items.


Day: 2

9AM Great River Fishing

Book in advance year-round for guided fishing tours on the Fraser River and its tributaries. Expert guides attend to every detail of your experience in one of the world’s top sportfishing destinations. See why more than 85% of Great River Fishing customers rebook with the highly capable outfit. Fish for sturgeon and salmon, with four- and six-hour options that are ideal for travellers with children.