Outdoor Adventures

Explore Aboriginal outdoor adventures by sea and by land. Experience canoeing, fishing, and hiking.


Sit back and relax while expert and professional guides take you on a boat trip to experience the stunning scenery and mountain vistas, plus remarkable flora and fauna along British Columbia’s rivers, lakes and solitary oceanscapes.


Dip your paddle in our waterways while manning a dugout canoe or ocean-going canoe fashioned by traditional Aboriginal methods, and explore our traditional waters as well as our culture while listening to stories, drumming and legends on fully guided excursions.


British Columbia is renowned internationally as a destination offering a world-class fishing experience. And nobody can take anglers and flyfishers to these ultimate fishing playgrounds better than our Aboriginal guides and tour companies who grew up using and protecting their traditional waters in the same ways as their ancestors.

Hiking & Walking

Explore the unmatched beauty and tranquility of British Columbia’s diverse natural environments. Explore dense, old growth rainforest, sweeping alpine meadows, stark desert landscapes, mountain peaks and more. Let friendly Aboriginal guides share their knowledge, history and rich culture as they lead you through remarkable hiking trails and fascinating interpretive walks you’ll remember forever.


Step into a sleek kayak and paddle your way past British Columbia’s river and ocean shores in search of abundant wildlife, mountain vistas, jaw-dropping scenery and Aboriginal heritage sites and culture. Let our knowledgeable guides share their history and reverence for the land, while you take in a unique and memorable outdoor adventure experience.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Discover a West Coast version of an ancient Hawaiian mode of transportation. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a unique, multi-dimensional sport that’s one of the best workouts for developing core strength and overall fitness, plus it’s an awesome way to experience British Columbia’s pristine lakes, rivers and the majestic Pacific Ocean.