Traditional Lodgings & Sweat Lodges

Step into a sweat lodge and experience true spiritual and sacred Aboriginal culture as you commune with the past to cleanse your mind, body and spirit, and become renewed through one of the oldest ceremonies handed down from time immemorial and countless generations.

CrossRiver Wilderness Centre &  Tours_image
CrossRiver Wilderness Centre & Tours

CrossRiver Wilderness Centre is an environmentally-sustainable place of nature, inspiration, adventure, and community. Family-operated, and located in the wilderness of the Canadian Rocky ...

Hiellen Longhouse Village_image
Hiellen Longhouse Village

Owned and operated by the Old Massett Village Council’s Economic Development Team, the Hiellen Longhouse Village is located next to provincial park land, and surrounded by endless beaches, ...

Skwachàys Lodge Hotel & Gallery_image
Skwachàys Lodge Hotel & Gallery

The Skwachàys Lodge Hotel & Gallery is a unique and stunning addition to Vancouver’s urban landscape. The Urban Aboriginal Fair Trade Gallery, located at the entrance of the hotel, ...

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Xatśūll Heritage Village

The Xatśūll community invites you to visit and experience our spiritual, cultural and traditional way of life in an inclusive learning atmosphere. Xatśūll Heritage Village provides an atmosphere ...

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