Sama Jim Canzian Bill Reid Gallery
Museum Trail: Discover Indigenous Cultural Exhibits in British Columbia this Winter

Winter is the time for slow, quiet movement, careful observation, and staying warm and dry. Seek haven at the season’s best exhibitions of Indigenous cultures in British Columbia’s Museums and Indigenous Cultural Centres.  Step into modern cedar and glass rooms and behold pieces that are more than artifacts–they are active pieces from the land and… Read more »

Skwachays: Indigenous Art Hotel
Rooftop Purification and Indigenous Rose: 48 Hours in Vancouver

Ready for the rainy mood of autumn on the Northwest Coast? Don’t let the weather keep you from seeing the sights! Relationship to the land is year-round for the Indigenous people of British Columbia and practices shift according to season. Experience the art, culture, food, and natural wonder of Vancouver from an Indigenous perspective as… Read more »

Gilakas’la! Welcome to Northern Vancouver Island

“We’re headed up Island… all the way north.” I was exchanging travel plans with another harried parent at gas station just outside of Campbell River. I felt a thrill to casually utter the phrase “Up Island”, as if traversing to the northern tip of the island was a regular occurrence for our family. Our destination… Read more »

Celebrate Indigenous-inspired cuisine at these 10 Eateries

Gathering and sharing food are ways for people to celebrate their culture and come together in community. Indigenous-inspired food experiences in British Columbia provide non-Indigenous foodies a chance to discover traditional ingredients – from venison to oolican – in atmospheres created by those that honour the culture they share. With the growing interest in immersive… Read more »

Sea Wolf Adventures
Our Top Indigenous Wildlife-viewing Picks for Fall

As the autumn rain and chill set in, all creatures prepare to decrease activity for the winter months. The berries are picked or wither on the vine. Mushrooms are ready to harvest and most salmon migrate to sea. Fall salmon migration attracts wildlife looking for an end-of-season feed and is a fantastic time for wildlife… Read more »

Salmon Teachings at the Esk’et Sqlelten

Alkali Lake, British Columbia In the Pacific Northwest Coastal region – from Vancouver, British Columbia to Portland, Oregon – the tiny house movement in building reflects a growing interest in downsizing, minimalism, and energy efficiency. The trend had not yet made it to Esk̓etemc First Nation when Robert and Bettina Johnson returned to Esk̓etemculecw. Coming… Read more »

The Drum: Heartbeat of our Indigenous Cultures

Drums can mimic speech, issue battle orders, maintain rhythm in a jazz performance, or invite friends to gather. They can be made of natural or synthetic materials and take a form as simple as a hollowed-out log or as flashy as a glittery red snare in a 16-piece kit. The drum is one of the… Read more »

Share a memorable Indigenous cultural experience with your family and friends: Explore the Powwow Trail

You’re Invited Powwows are open to everybody. Historically, these Indigenous cultural celebrations of unity allowed all nations to come together, share culture, and build relationships. Sit back and enjoy the hospitality and opportunity to learn about Indigenous culture. You are now on Turtle Island. Get to Know Your Hosts The powwow committee and host community… Read more »

Celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21

The Summer Solstice (June 21) is a significant day everywhere, celebrated by various cultures around the world for countless centuries. It is usually the longest day of the year, corresponding to the end of spring and the glorious beginning of the summer season. In many places, the day is recognized with festivals, holidays and rituals… Read more »

Where weddings marry with Culture in BC

For most couples who want to get married in British Columbia, the ideal location for a wedding is one that features nature as a primary component. At an Indigenous-owned venue, nuptials are certain to be grounded in an environment with deep spirituality and strong ties to the land. These six destinations offer wedding experiences that… Read more »