Everything is connected.

Indigenous peoples in British Columbia maintain deep connections to the lands, waters, animals, and supernatural realms of their unique Territories.  These connections are more important now than ever before, as we all realize what Indigenous BC has long known–our health and wholeness are written upon the land. 

Everything depends on everything else.  Everything is connected.

Spend a wonderous night under the stars at Indigenous-hosted campgrounds, RV parks and cabins

This fall, soothe your soul and seek the unknown. Land-based activities such as fishing, hiking, and kayaking combine with outdoor accommodations and connect you with Indigenous locals. Choose Indigenous campgrounds, RV parks and cabins for your vacation and maximize your relaxation time.

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Experience our diverse cultures.

With 203 Indigenous communities and more than 30 Indigenous languages, British Columbia’s six diverse and beautiful regions offer extensive authentic Indigenous experiences. Connect with the people and languages that have spoken the land, collected the knowledge, and passed the stories of Indigenous BC for thousands upon thousands of years.


How to travel responsibly

Responsible tourism uplifts travel experiences that create positive impacts for all involved – not just the traveller. Responsible Indigenous tourism in British Columbia means that your travel includes consideration of all which is of value to Indigenous peoples.

Travel responsibly. Everything is connected.
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Indigenous Dining Outside Your Bubble

Indigenous eateries around British Columbia are currently open for all Canadians. Dine with friends and mixes of six for the first time in a long time with Indigenous food hosts in all six regions.

We have been waiting to host you. 

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