Immerse yourself in the living traditions

Indigenous travel experiences have the power to move you. To help you feel connected to something bigger than yourself. To leave you changed forever, through cultural exploration and learning. Let your true nature run free, and be forever transformed by the stories and songs from the world’s most diverse assembly of living Indigenous cultures.

With 203 Indigenous communities and more than 30 Indigenous languages, British Columbia’s six diverse and beautiful regions offer extensive authentic Indigenous experiences. Connect with the people and languages that have spoken the land, collected the knowledge, and passed the stories of Indigenous BC for thousands upon thousands of years.

Indigenous Experiences Open in 2020

Virtual Travel & Virtual Vacations

During this time, Indigenous tourism operators turn to online tools to share their knowledge and inspire your future travel with virtual tours and vacations.

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How to Travel Responsibly

Responsible tourism means that the experience creates a positive impact for all involved–not just the traveller. Responsible Indigenous tourism in BC means that travel includes consideration of all which is of value to Indigenous Peoples–their communities, languages, and cultures; water, animals, and lands.

How to Travel Responsibly

Things to Do

Immerse yourself in the living traditions of the Indigenous peoples in British Columbia and experience fascinating activities through the eyes of the First Peoples of this land.

Things to Do


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