Authentic Indigenous

Connect Through Indigenous Knowledge

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The Authentic Indigenous designation is granted to Indigenous owned and operated businesses who offer compelling, culturally appropriate Indigenous tourism experiences.

The designation helps travellers identify these experiences throughout the province and acknowledges that they are contributing to the revitalization and preservation of local Indigenous cultures and languages.

To receive the Authentic Indigenous designation from Indigenous Tourism BC, experience providers must go through a thorough assessment and fulfill the program’s requirements and criteria which include but are not limited to:

Experience is Indigenous owned and operated

Experience offers quality Indigenous cultural content

Experience practices sustainability that protects both culture and environment

Easy Identification:

Authentic Indigenous experiences can be identified by the Authentic Indigenous logo:

   Authentic Indigenous logo

At the time of the program launch in May 2019, four businesses were authenticated. Learn about these experiences and what makes them remarkable and Authentic Indigenous below.

Indigenous Tourism BC is looking forward to showcasing many more experiences in the months to come.

Are you an Indigenous owned and operated business that would like to receive the Authentic Indigenous designation? Learn more here.

Authentic Indigenous Experiences