Bannock – A traditional food

Posted on October 31, 2012

Sharon Bond, Owner of the Kekuli Café in Westbank and from the Nooiatch First Nation, shares some guidance on making tasty bannock.

Bannock is a main staple of First Nations Foods. There are millions of recipes with varying ratios of flour, sugar, salt, yeast, water and more, depending on your style of bannock. Originally the first ingredients included ground roots, flour, corn, wheat and berries.

The Kekuli Café bannock recipe is top secret so you’ll have to visit Sharon in Westbank to try it. She encourages everyone to experiment and perfect their own bannock recipe and stresses the importance of putting lots of love and good thoughts into your bannock – or it won’t taste very good!

Here is a Bannock Awareness page that was posted in celebration of National Aboriginal Day. The page offers a collection of favourite bannock related recipes and some facts about First Nations history and culture.

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