The Goddess Experience

The Goddess Experience retreat is a weekend full of workshops for women to inspire and awaken their heart’s joy through yoga, meditation, fire ceremonies, and more. Each of their presenters bring a different set of skills and philosophies to the table, weaving an intricate and diverse experience to wrap you in.

Their workshops were chosen to awaken different parts of your inner goddess, culminating in a feeling of being refreshed and renewed. This weekend will remind you of your divine essence and guide you back to your sacred self.

Admission includes lovingly-made vegetarian meals, heart-centred workshops and presentations, and shared accommodations where you will connect with like-minded goddesses on their own path to reclaiming their essence. Upon leaving, you’ll be gifted with a carefully curated bag of treats from their sponsors to help support your goddess experience when you’re back in your everyday life.

Limited tickets are left with registration ending May 10th.