Tribal Journeys to We Wai Kai and Wei Wai Kum First Nations 2017

In August of 2017, the We Wai Kai Nation and the We Wai Kum Nation, will stand together to welcome canoe families into the territories.

The canoes will arrive onto Quadra Island on August 5th and into Campbell River on August 7th. On both occasions, public community feasts will be held. They expect over 100 canoes will participate and with over 1000 more lining the shores to witness history in the making.

We Wai Kai Nation and We Wai Kum Nation are calling all canoe families, relatives, friends and spectators to their shores as the canoes are called in and formally welcomed to their territory. What a tremendous opportunity this represents in the building and nourishing of intercultural and cross cultural relationships.

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