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Kekuli Café Westbank (est. 2005), is the original First Nations inspired restaurant located in the “Heart of the Okanagan” in Westbank BC.  Their second location, Kekuli Cafe Merritt ... Read More

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Kekuli Café Westbank (est. 2005), is the original First Nations inspired restaurant located in the “Heart of the Okanagan” in Westbank BC.  Their second location, Kekuli Cafe Merritt is located in the Nlaka’pa’mux Territory, smack dab in the middle of where 5 highway junctions, meet in downtown Merritt BC. Both locations serve breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Kekuli serves First Nations foods inspired by the simplistic, fresh, homestyle foods, that we grew up loving as a child! Our foods are inspired from the days of picking berries, harvesting our gardens, making recipes from what we have in our fridges, to hunting, or buying local or in the grocery stores.  Living the dream of owning a cafe-style restaurant, we also have Specialty Espresso Drinks & Coffees.  Kekuli Cafe also serves the only Saskatoon Berry Smoothies, Desserts and other inspired beverages.

“Don’t Panic..We Have Bannock”. Or as some like to call it… Frybread. Canada’s Kekuli Cafe Bannock is fast becoming the next best homestyle comfort food in a fast-casual setting!

Watch for Kekuli Cafe bringing First Nations inspired comfort foods into this millennium!


Whether you're looking for light, vegetarian, meaty, healthy or organic options, our First Nations inspired dishes will please almost, any palate; such as their Indian Tacos, Buffalo Bannock Burger, Wild Smoked Salmon Bannock, or Sunflower Garden Salad, they are all fresh, homemade & healthy!

The inspired Saskatoon Berry desserts and bannocks are delicately sweet n' hit the spot in your tummy! Even some of our beverages are berry inspired, fresh tasting and delish, just like the days of picking your own berries and feeling the satisfaction of harvesting your own food.

We have created a place to gather, like a Kekuli or "Pit House" of our ancestors, you are welcome, acknowledged & appreciated. The english version of pit house is Kekuli. There are hundred year old original Kekuli's, along the Nlakapamux/Sylix territories.

A great place to gather, meet, greet or eat, celebrate, or just to sit back and enjoy some Wi-Fi, & along with some great First Nations or Metis/Canadian music.

Bus Tours Welcome. Large Parking Lot. Enjoy the warm quaint ambience of Kekuli Cafe Westbank or Kekuli Cafe Merritt.

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Kekuli Café supports BC/Canadian companies who support and commit to Native artists and acknowledge the artists and cultural groups on their products. These companies must remain committed to the integrity of the artists, their art nd their culture. We ensure that the companies in every way support and promote community, family well-being, by providing opportunity that encourages personal development, growth, and pride.

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