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Dine Indigenous

Food & Wine, Restaurants & Eateries, Culinary & Wellness, Things To Do, Events, Wineries, Hotels, Motels, & Lodges, Resorts

Enjoy Indigenous cuisine. Learn through food and support Indigenous restauranteurs, families, and communities.

Indigenous Online Shopping and Responsible Wishlists

Gift Shops, Art Galleries & Studios, Museums

Need a little pick-me-up? Self-care can take the form of new artwork to beautify your personal space, a set of sparkling earrings for your date night collection, a gift for a faraway friend, or an addition to your skincare ritual.

Sip and Swing Through the Harvest Season

Outdoor Adventure, Places to Go, Things To Do, Golf, Wineries

Awe-inspiring Indigenous lands host the ideal conditions for the perfect pairing: golf and wine. Sip and swing your way from North Vancouver to Williams Lake at Indigenous-owned golf courses and wineries.

Gather and Share at Indigenous Restaurants and Eateries

Restaurants & Eateries, Culinary & Wellness, Places to Go, Things To Do, Wineries

With the growing interest in immersive Indigenous tourism experiences and locally-sourced, wild-harvested food, Indigenous restaurants are on the rise.

Homalco Cultural and Wildlife Tours

Guided by generations of knowledge, deeply rooted in culture and land.

Ḱa’niya: National Indigenous Peoples Day Virtual Celebration 2020

Powwows, Places to Go, Arts & Culture, Things To Do, Events, Music, Arts & Culture, Accommodation

Indigenous people have always gathered in celebration. While we are unable to gather physically this year, we can still connect in other ways.

Everything is Connected

Culinary & Wellness, Outdoor Adventure, Places to Go, Arts & Culture, Things To Do, Events, Wildlife and Nature, Accommodation, Transportation

We support those Indigenous communities and businesses who are open or are planning to receive visitors. We respect those who decide to remain closed for the safety of Indigenous communities, elders, children, knowledge keepers, and lands.

Stay In Touch

Learn more about Indigenous Culture in British Columbia.

Indigenous Experiences Open in 2022

Places to Go, Tour Operator, Things To Do, Accommodation, Transportation

Explore #IndigenousBC

How to Travel Responsibly

Responsible Indigenous tourism in BC means that travel includes consideration of all which is of value to Indigenous Peoples - their communities, languages, and cultures; waters, animals, and lands.