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Virtual Travel and Virtual Vacations

Arts & Culture, Things To Do, Events

Indigenous tourism operators turn to online tools to share their knowledge and inspire your future travel with virtual tours and vacations.

Introducing Voices of our Land series

Culinary & Wellness, Outdoor Adventure, Places to Go, Arts & Culture, Things To Do, Events, Wildlife and Nature, Accommodation

Indigenous Peoples of BC are the stewards of this land. We have been entrusted with a deep connection to the lands, waters, and supernatural realms of our traditional territories.

Indigenous BC Trip Planner App

With the Indigenous BC Trip Planner App, explore authentic Indigenous experiences, hear songs and stories, and more.

Celebrating Indigenous Cultures and the 10th Anniversary of Vancouver 2010 Olympics

February marks the 10th anniversary of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, an event brought Indigenous cultures in Canada to a global audience.

Moccasin Trails

Tour Operator, Things To Do

Community. Sustainability. Culture.

Dine Out Vancouver Festival’s Vancouver World Chef Exchange – Cross-Pacific Indigenous Nations

Food & Wine, Restaurants & Eateries, Culinary & Wellness, Things To Do, Events, Music, Arts & Culture

Cooking with fire and steam underground is an ancient Indigenous cooking method that is groundbreaking in the modern Vancouver restaurant scene.

I-Hos Gallery

Creating Partnerships since 1995 that Honour Indigenous Art, Culture, and Identity.

Living Legends: Because our Land is Beautiful

Heritage Sites, Places to Go, Arts & Culture

The Okanagan Song, created by Delphine Derickson (Westbank First Nation) and Herman Edward (Lower Similkameen Indian Band), is shared by all People of Okanagan Nation. It is an anthem sung in honour and acknowledges a profound responsibility to...

Living Legends: Cedar is Life

Arts & Culture

Cedar is the tree of life, and it is used by Indigenous people for protection, ceremony, and in daily life. Making a small, simple item such as a bracelet reminds us of the limitless physical and spiritual gifts of the land.

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