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Living Legends: Stone, Smoke & Clay

Food & Wine, Restaurants & Eateries, Culinary & Wellness

Before the appearance of stainless steel cookware and convection ovens and after the introduction of white flour and sugar, Indigenous people expressed and shared culture through food.

Living Legends: Respect, Responsibility, Balance

Outdoor Adventure, Things To Do, Fishing, Wildlife and Nature, Wildlife Tours

The health of the land, animals, and people are connected: "We were raised as stewards. We were raised under the principle of Yahguudang, which translates to 'respect for all living things,'" says James Cowpar of Haida Style Expeditions.

Special Offers

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Discover unique Indigenous tourism experiences across British Columbia

Salmon ‘n’ Bannock

An Indigenous culinary journey that promotes cultural sustainability and community conversation.

Living Legends: Sacred Places and Supernatural Beings

Outdoor Adventure

Our seventh Living Legends video, Sim'oogit Hleek (Dr. Joseph Gosnell), a distinguished Nisga’a leader and fluent language speaker, explains how origin stories often feature supernatural beings and places of supernatural power that convey...

48 Hours Around Kamloops: Canoe Journey, Secwepemc History, and Resort Relaxation

Restaurants & Eateries, Gift Shops, Places to Go, Arts & Culture, Golf, Paddling, Museums, Spas, Accommodation, Hotels, Motels, & Lodges

This two-day itinerary features visits to Secwepemc hosts in and around Kamloops and experiences on the traditional waterways of Secwepemc’ulecw, including the South Thompson River.

Share a memorable Indigenous cultural experience with your family and friends: Explore the Powwow Trail

Powwows, Places to Go, Arts & Culture, Events

Powwows are open to everybody. Historically, these Indigenous cultural celebrations of unity allowed all nations to come together, share cultures, and build relationships. Sit back and enjoy the hospitality and opportunity to learn about...

Living Legends: The Teachings of the Salmon

Outdoor Adventure, Fishing

Our latest Living Legend shares how not only does the salmon provide food, but it also offers wisdom to those who approach it with respect.

Skwachàys Lodge

Community Building through the Transformative Power of Art

Living Legends: Honouring our Ancestors

Heritage Sites, Cultural Centres, Arts & Culture

Our latest Living Legends video shows how Mike Restasket, a traditional powwow dancer for thirty years, honours the ancestors through movement.