Living Legends: Experiencing Culture Through Food

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Each living plant and creature requires nourishment. The experience of gathering together to enjoy a meal is a celebration of success and survival. When we explore the food of another culture, we learn about available ingredients, seasonal practices, and local preparation techniques.

Bread for example is a standard tool for sharing culture. Inez Cook, co-founder of Salmon n’ Bannock Bistro says: “Bannock is interesting because I believe every culture has a bread they make.” Diners at Salmon n’ Bannock are treated to an authentic and immersive experience, with opportunities to learn from Indigenous hosts. Food brings people together, and when people come together, they learn from each other.

Eating is education, and every dish and technique at Salmon n’ Bannock contains Indigenous cultural knowledge. Locally-sourced game and produce, award-winning Indigenous wines, and contemporary Indigenous art are featured. How a culture harvests, preserves, prepares and shares food reveals information about the local environment and the legend of how it has sustained the people who live upon it.

Indigenous food practices have been passed down from generation to generation which is why we consider this topic ‘legendary’. In our latest video, learn more about Indigenous food and how to make Salmon n’ Bannock’s popular Salmon Burger on Bannock.

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Experiencing Culture Through Food