Living Legends: Only Good Things

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In this video, Tanner Francois shares a traditional smudging ceremony, just one offering by Quaaout Lodge’s cultural team. Smudging is an Indigenous way to stay on a good path and invite only good things.

Tanner Francois is relearning old ways and sharing his personal, cultural journey with guests at Quaaout Lodge, located in Chase (east of Kamloops). Warm yourself by the fire, feel the heartbeat of the drum resonate in your chest, and listen to the stories kept by the Secwepemc people. The lodge is owned by the Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band, Tanner Francois’ home community in Secwepemule’cw, the Traditional Territory of the Secwepemc.

Your travels in the area will be scented by the sun-warmed fragrance of sage, a plant that is native to the semi-arid region and used in a ceremony to cleanse self and spirit in many Indigenous cultures, including Secwepemc. An experience at Quaaout Lodge combines modern spa treatments and the luxury of golf on the shores of Little Shuswap Lake with the rich heritage of the Secwepemc people and the healing properties of the land.

Tanner Francois and the cultural liaisons at Quaaout Lodge share their culture with guests.

All that is asked in return is that you treat the land and people with respect.

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Only Good Things