Introducing Voices of our Land series

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Indigenous Peoples of BC are the stewards of this land. We have been entrusted with a deep connection to the lands, waters, and supernatural realms of our traditional territories. This connection is learned and shared through our stories, songs, dances, oral histories, and interactions with the natural world.

With natural ebbs and flows, we speak with the land. For every action we take, our lands respond. We are grateful for this close relationship, developed and passed down by our ancestors and safeguarded for future generations. Through our Cultures, we understand our territories.

We listen to the Voices of Our Lands, and they teach us how to care for all. Gratitude is essential in all interactions–between each other, and the natural and supernatural worlds.

For thousands of years, we have traded and shared our wealth and grown the knowledge to sustain it. We want to share this abundance, and our gratitude for it, with visitors to BC. Voices of Our Lands shares digital stories from across present-day British Columbia of Indigenous knowledge and our relationship with gratitude, reciprocity, and balance.

From the mountain goat wool on the Rocky Mountains to the oolichan of the Nass River and the salmon in the Pacific Ocean, from the fertile soil of the Okanagan to the lush forests of the West Coast; we have been entrusted with treasures. Indigenous Cultures are unique in every territory and have been refined by the peoples and the lands themselves to allow an enduring relationship of respect and balance.

Voices of Our Lands shares these stories of gratitude and lessons for a sustainable future. Through our understanding and knowledge, we ensure balance.