For Indigenous Peoples, Life is Land-Based.

Animals and life on the land inspire Indigenous arts and culture. The table is set by ocean and forest; health and wellness reflect a relationship with the world around and all its living creatures. Plants are medicine. Culture is wellness. Being on the land is always an event.

Connect to the bounty of the environment and experience fascinating activities through the eyes of the First Peoples of this land.

Arts and Culture

Art and artifacts are alive in Indigenous culture - embodied and expressed by the living peoples, who carry the knowledge of their ancestors and share it with you, year-round.

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Culinary & Wellness

Restore your spirit with a soak in sacred waters at Aiyansh Hotsprings in Nisga’a lands or Ainsworth Hotsprings in Kootenai territory. Pamper yourself with contemporary professional treatments at an Indigenous-owned spa.

Wildlife and Nature

Remember your place in the circle as you respectfully enter grizzly bear sanctuaries in remote areas of BC or travel quietly in a canoe to view the spectacle of the salmon runs.

Outdoor Adventure

Time spent in the wilderness is never wasted. For Indigenous peoples, activities on the land are opportunities to share stories, collect food and medicine, and receive the beautiful return from creation.

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Come together with Indigenous culture and community.