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Every day is a good day to celebrate Indigenous cultures, and many Indigenous events welcome all guests. Attend your first powwow, participate in lively National Indigenous Peoples’ Day festivities across British Columbia, or attend a cultural feast or workshop.

Learn from Indigenous People – Introducing Indigenous Tourism BC’s Ambassadors

Learn from Indigenous storytellers who share their lives on social media and deliver educational and personal content that raises awareness of...

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Everything is Connected

We support those Indigenous communities and businesses who are open or are planning to receive visitors. We respect those who decide to remain...

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Dine Indigenous

Enjoy Indigenous cuisine. Learn through food and support Indigenous restaurateurs, families, and communities.

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Celebrating Indigenous Cultures and the 10th Anniversary of Vancouver 2010 Olympics

February marks the 10th anniversary of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, an event brought Indigenous cultures in Canada to a global audience....

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Where Weddings Marry with Culture in BC

These six destinations offer wedding experiences that include all of the important touches couples seek with the added benefit of Indigenous...

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Five Reasons to Love #IndigenousBC

To break it down, here is a list of reasons to love Indigenous tourism in Canada.

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Indigenous BC welcomes you to live in the moment and for the future. Slow down, travel with thoughtful intention, and move beyond what you...

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Our Story. Your Experience.

Come, sit, and hear our stories. You are invited to hear them firsthand as a witness to Indigenous realities and perspectives in present-day...

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