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Indigenous community events, cultural exhibits, and gatherings are your chance to learn traditional practices and skills from cultural ambassadors and thriving Indigenous communities.

Heritage Sites, Cultural Centres

Living Legends: The Circle is the Shape

Our latest Living Legends video shows the importance of extending learning opportunities outside museum walls. It allows visitors to see beyond...

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Heritage Sites, Cultural Centres

Living Legends: Honouring our Ancestors

Our latest Living Legends video shows how Mike Restasket, a traditional powwow dancer for thirty years, honours the ancestors through...

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Arts & Culture

Introducing The Living Legends Series

The Living Legends series documents stories of living Indigenous peoples who dedicate themselves to the resurgence and revitalization of...

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Outdoor Adventure

Living Legends: Sacred Places and Supernatural Beings

Our seventh Living Legends video, Sim'oogit Hleek (Dr. Joseph Gosnell), a distinguished Nisga’a leader and fluent language speaker, explains how...

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Culinary & Wellness, Arts & Culture

Living Legends: Only Good Things

Tanner Francois shares a traditional smudging ceremony, just one offering by Quaaout Lodge’s cultural team. Smudging is an Indigenous way to...

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Gift Shops, Art Galleries & Studios, Museums

Indigenous Art, Online Shopping, and Responsible Wishlists

This season, shop Indigenous art at street level galleries and gift shops with secure online shopping. Your socially responsible wishlist supports...

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Living Legends: The Teachings of the Salmon

Our latest Living Legend shares how not only does the salmon provide food, but it also offers wisdom to those who approach it with respect.

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Culinary & Wellness, Outdoor Adventure, Places to Go, Arts & Culture, Events, Wildlife and Nature, Accommodation

Introducing Voices of our Land series

Indigenous Peoples of BC are the stewards of this land. We have been entrusted with a deep connection to the lands, waters, and supernatural...

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