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Indigenous community events, cultural exhibits, and gatherings are your chance to learn traditional practices and skills from cultural ambassadors and thriving Indigenous communities.

Food & Wine, Restaurants & Eateries

Living Legends: Stone, Smoke & Clay

Before the appearance of stainless steel cookware and convection ovens and after the introduction of white flour and sugar, Indigenous people...

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Paddling, Wildlife and Nature

Living Legends: The River is the People

Monty Stevens sees the Kispiox River change people. He has spent his life on the great Skeena and Kispiox Rivers and invites you to drift in...

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Celebrating Indigenous Cultures and the 10th Anniversary of Vancouver 2010 Olympics

February marks the 10th anniversary of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, an event brought Indigenous cultures in Canada to a global audience....

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Heritage Sites, Cultural Centres

Living Legends: The Circle is the Shape

Our latest Living Legends video shows the importance of extending learning opportunities outside museum walls. It allows visitors to see beyond...

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Fishing, Wildlife Tours

Living Legends: Respect, Responsibility, Balance

The health of the land, animals, and people are connected: "We were raised as stewards. We were raised under the principle of Yahguudang, which...

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Heritage Sites, Places to Go

Living Legends: Because our Land is Beautiful

The Okanagan Song, created by Delphine Derickson (Westbank First Nation) and Herman Edward (Lower Similkameen Indian Band), is shared by all...

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Culinary & Wellness, Arts & Culture

Living Legends: Only Good Things

Tanner Francois shares a traditional smudging ceremony, just one offering by Quaaout Lodge’s cultural team. Smudging is an Indigenous way to...

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Living Legends: The Teachings of the Salmon

Our latest Living Legend shares how not only does the salmon provide food, but it also offers wisdom to those who approach it with respect.

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