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Indigenous community events, cultural exhibits, and gatherings are your chance to learn traditional practices and skills from cultural ambassadors and thriving Indigenous communities.

Indigenous Women in BC Tourism

Indigenous women weave the fabric of Indigenous families, communities, knowledge, and economies.

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Places to Go, Things To Do, Spas, Hot Springs

Self-Care and Cultural Connection

Authentic Indigenous Spa and Wellness Services in BC

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Culinary & Wellness, Arts & Culture

Living Legends: Only Good Things

Tanner Francois shares a traditional smudging ceremony, just one offering by Quaaout Lodge’s cultural team. Smudging is an Indigenous way to...

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Arts & Culture

Living Legends

Living Legends shares stories from Indigenous Peoples in BC about the land and its stewardship, supernatural places and beings, ceremony and...

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Gift Shops, Art Galleries & Studios, Museums

Indigenous Shopping and Responsible Wishlists

Need a little pick-me-up? Self-care can take the form of new artwork to beautify your personal space, a set of sparkling earrings for your date...

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Food & Wine, Restaurants & Eateries

Living Legends: Stone, Smoke & Clay

Before the appearance of stainless steel cookware and convection ovens and after the introduction of white flour and sugar, Indigenous people...

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Arts & Culture

The Art of Cowichan Knitting

When most people think of Canadian Indigenous art, they usually conjure up thoughts of tall, weathered totem poles bearing the likenesses of...

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Heritage Sites, Cultural Centres

Living Legends: The Circle is the Shape

Our latest Living Legends video shows the importance of extending learning opportunities outside museum walls. It allows visitors to see beyond...

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