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Indigenous elder with back facing camera standing in front of a teepee at St Eugene Golf Resort

Experience our diverse cultures.

With 204 Indigenous communities and more than 30 Indigenous languages, British Columbia’s six diverse and beautiful regions offer extensive authentic Indigenous experiences. Connect with the people and languages that have spoken the land, collected the knowledge, and passed the stories of Indigenous BC for thousands upon thousands of years.


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Talaysay Tours

Together with open heart sand minds: national Indigenous History Month 2024

We invite you to welcome summer and celebrate National Indigenous History Month. This June, we call upon all Canadians to actively seek firsthand experiences, educate themselves about living Indigenous cultures, and find ways to contribute to the wellness of Indigenous families, lands, and communities in BC – not just in June, but throughout the year.

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Fraser Canyon Riverside Domes

Stargazing and Dark Sky Travel

Grab you star maps and head for the night sky in Indigenous British Columbia. Your wish to see the stars has been granted by Indigenous hosts in low-light and dark-sky destinations in BC.

There aren’t any more starts out there, you can just see them better!


Explore Dark Sky Destinations
Ravens Nest Resort Campground

The best places to camp are Indigenous-owned

Our connection to the land is unbroken. Direct experience with nature is all the medicine you need to keep on the adventurer’s path. With spectacular settings ranging from sage-filled desert to salty-shored coastline, camping in Indigenous British Columbia is the lap of luxury.

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Spirit Bear Lodge | Photo: Jack Plant

Immersive Indigenous Destinations

Immersive Indigenous destinations and experiences are expansive and transformational. Augment your reality with an Indigenous point-of-view and see old places with new eyes.  A visit with an Indigenous experience provider in BC transforms your travel with an opportunity to participate and take a seat in the circle that celebrates Indigenous Peoples, lands, and cultures.

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Nax'id' Pub | Kwa'lilas Hotel

Dine Indigenous

With an emphasis on local, Indigenous, and sustainable delights, Indigenous dining sets the table for learning through your senses. Hear stories from your hosts and discover the flavours and techniques of modern Indigenous chefs and foodies at Indigenous restaurants, cafes, wineries, and food trucks.

Where to Dine


The Indigenous BC app is your digital guide to discovery, exploration, and learning about the 200+ unique Indigenous cultures in British Columbia. Listen and learn from Indigenous writing, language, and song.  Search by location or destination to find and favourite Authentic Indigenous experiences and accommodations in BC. Hear our stories. Experience your own.

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