Experience our diverse cultures.

With 204 Indigenous communities and more than 30 Indigenous languages, British Columbia’s six diverse and beautiful regions offer extensive authentic Indigenous experiences. Connect with the people and languages that have spoken the land, collected the knowledge, and passed the stories of Indigenous BC for thousands upon thousands of years.



Planning a visit to British Columbia? The Indigenous BC Trip Planner App is a must-have tool for planning an unforgettable trip. Find authentic Indigenous experiences and businesses, learn common Indigenous words and phrases, and hear traditional songs, stories, and legends.

Dine Indigenous

With an emphasis on local, Indigenous, and sustainable delights, Indigenous dining sets the table for learning through your senses. Hear stories from your hosts and discover the flavours and techniques of modern Indigenous chefs and foodies at Indigenous restaurants, cafes, wineries, and food trucks.

Where to Dine

Book Your Corporate Retreats, Meetings and Team Building

Find ways for your organization, team, or group to conduct business and improve relationships with Indigenous partners at Indigenous-owned accommodations, experience providers, restaurants, gift shops, and museums in British Columbia.

Build relationships with Indigenous partners, connect to the land, and let Indigenous peoples in BC bring you and your team closer to cultural sensitivity and leadership in diversity and inclusion. 

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How to travel responsibly

Responsible tourism uplifts travel experiences that create positive impacts for all involved – not just the traveller. Responsible Indigenous tourism in British Columbia means that your travel includes consideration of all which is of value to Indigenous peoples.

Travel responsibly. Everything is connected.
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