Indigenous BC welcomes you to live in the moment and for the future. Slow down, travel with thoughtful intention, and move beyond what you know.

You are invited to witness Indigenous connections to the lands, waters, sky, and all life. Visit us and grow your own sense of place and connection to the land with an intimate experience connected to one of the many diverse ecosystems in British Columbia. When we share time together on the land, we create a shared sense of place. We become meaningful to each other and to the place. 

Place is about so much more than geography. It includes the memories, feelings, experiences, and history tied to the land. Indigenous worldviews are rooted in millennia of shared experience and values bound to specific lands that make for intimate, connected, and meaningful relationships with all relations. 

In balance, the land and the learner provide for each other, and the cycles of nature offer renewed opportunities for us to learn about ourselves and each other. When we move gently upon the Earth and handle all with care, we work on the side of sustainability. We take care of everything we need to continually transform and renew in the face of endless change.  

We can make choices and build relationships that protect our most vulnerable and precious resources. As learners, we grow our understanding of one thing by considering its relationship to all things. Go beyond the worlds you know. True learning and transformation are yours–the land will hold you. 

You have a place in the circle–we all do. It is together.

Everything is connected.

How to Travel Responsibly

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Everything is Connected