Our Cultures

Some travel experiences have the power to move you. To help you feel connected to something bigger than yourself. To leave you changed forever, through cultural exploration and learning.

Be a part of the story that we have been telling since time immemorial. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Indigenous peoples of BC, in one of the most beautiful settings on earth. Our culture, traditions and awe-inspiring landscapes are waiting for you to explore.

Explore our traditional ways of life

British Columbia is home to more than 200 First Nations, as well as Métis. Each has its own unique language and traditions, but we all share a deep connection with the rivers, ocean, mountains, forests and wildlife. Our ways of life are shaped by the rugged and diverse geography of this beautiful province.

Learn and share in the traditions of our land, water and our people. Get front row seats to an amazing show, featuring landscapes that will capture your imagination. Be a patron of the arts, and see how the Indigenous peoples of BC have used ancient art forms for storytelling since time immemorial. Meet our local legends, the wildlife that also call this land their home.

>> Add some culture to your BC vacation with an Indigenous tourism experience. Each of our travel packages includes unique ways to explore our landmarks and traditions.

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