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Indigenous Tourism BC (ITBC) is a non-profit, Stakeholder-based organization committed to the continued growth of a sustainable, authentic and culturally rich Indigenous tourism industry in British Columbia.

Tourism is the second highest earning industry in British Columbia, giving Indigenous tourism outfitters new opportunities for economic development and the chance to share living Indigenous languages, cultures, and traditions. Authentic Indigenous tourism experiences top the list for visitors to Canada and offer ways to learn about Indigenous cultures in BC, contribute to vibrant, healthy Indigenous economies and communities, and gain intimate experiences that deepen your connection to people, land, and wildlife.

Enjoy interactive Indigenous innovation and design at boutique hotels and museums across British Columbia. Savour traditional and contemporary cuisine that reflects ancestral knowledge of thriving on the land you dine on. Take a guided walk down a forest trail with Coast Salish guides and learn about the traditional plant medicines in forests of fir and cedar that stand within present-day Vancouver. Travel the Fraser River in a jetboat, drive through golden ranchland on Gold Rush trails, and sip Indigenous wine in Secwepemc Territory. Private access fishing tours, fly-in luxury accommodations, grizzly rainforest sanctuaries, sacred hot springs, and lava fields are some of the authentic and unique experiences you can share with knowledgeable and welcoming Indigenous hosts in Northern and Coastal British Columbia.

ITBC honours the value of Indigenous knowledge in tourism. More than 200 distinct Indigenous communities, with more than 30 living languages, offer unique perspectives and thriving Indigenous businesses ready to host your journey in major urban centers, down fast rivers, before hereditary totem poles, in award-winning cafes and restaurants, and on pristine beaches under the stars. Indigenous tourism hosts in British Columbia invite you to visit and share their love for this land.