Spirit Bear Lodge

Culture, community, and conservation in the Great Bear Rainforest.

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Spirit Bear Lodge is a designated Authentic Indigenous tourism operator and recognized for its significant contribution to Kitasoo/Xai’xais culture, community, and sustainability.

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Spirit Bear Lodge

The Kitasoo / Xai’xais people manage their territory and the lodge with emphasis on conservation and stewardship.

This strong assertion of stewardship rights and focus on research, conservation, and culture supports economic growth and cultural wellbeing in the remote community of Klemtu, British Columbia. Spirit Bear Lodge is a designated Authentic Indigenous tourism operator and recognized for its significant contribution to Kitasoo / Xai’xais culture, community, and sustainability.

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Unity in the Big House


When Spirit Bear Lodge was first developed, it was used as a catalyst for cultural connection, and a means to re-connect Kitasoo/Xai’xais community members with their ancestral territory.

Culture is woven through all daily activity at the Lodge and guests are privileged to learn from local guides who share stories and intimate knowledge of traditional foods and plant medicines. Visits to cultural sites with cultural ambassadors ensure that the experience, history, and values of the Kitasoo / Xai’xais people are integrated into your understanding of the biodiverse natural wonder that is the The Great Bear Rainforest (GBR). The goal of Spirit Bear Lodge is to deliver a transformative experience through complete immersion in nature and a shared appreciation for the Great Bear Rainforest.


The Lodge further contributes to culture and community by creating multi-generational work opportunities. This promotes cultural well-being and supports the traditional knowledge transfer that occurs when Kitasoo / Xai’xais elders and youth come together to share culture on the land. Spirit Bear Lodge diversified local employment opportunities greatly and now employs nearly 10 per cent of the local population. The business of the Lodge also means that there is increased food delivery and security in the remote area. The Lodge collaborates with local schools to get children out into the territory to learn about and celebrate its beauty and abundance.

Kitasoo / Xai’xais community members pushed for Spirit Bear Lodge to be more than just a business. As the Lodge grew, it followed community direction and helped the Nation play a significant role in the stewardship and management of Tsimshian lands.


The Lodge contributes to conservation with visual corridor protection, visitor education, and community-driven applied research throughout the Territory, including the Fiordland and Spirit Bear Conservancies. Spirit Bear Lodge supports the Guardian Watchman Program, which monitors and stewards the coastal waters. The business also makes sustainable choices like responsible procurement, as well as reduced fuel consumption and energy demands.

More than 50% of the territory is protected, and a “Protocol on the Environment” exists to govern all future use and conservation of land and resources so that the Tsimshian people will continue to thrive in natural abundance as their ancestors have for thousands of years.


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