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Sensory experience to strengthen the spirit

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Restore your spirit with a soak in sacred waters at Aiyansh Hotsprings in Nisga’a lands or Ainsworth Hotsprings in Kootenai territory. Pamper yourself with contemporary professional treatments at an Indigenous-owned spa.

New fine Indigenous dining and contemporary spa experiences honour old, simple ways. Sip Indigenous wine on sage-covered desert hills and sample from Indigenous culinary creatives at award-winning eateries in the fertile growing areas and urban landscapes of present-day British Columbia.

Lifetimes of living in close relationship to the land have gifted Indigenous people with a natural sense of integrity between vivid sensory experiences and deep healing spaces.

Haida House


Indigenous-inspired food experiences in British Columbia provide non-Indigenous foodies a chance to discover traditional ingredients – from venison to oolican – in atmospheres created by those that honour the culture they share.

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