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Haida House

Food sustains cultures. Follow your senses and explore the abundance of the land and the innovation of its people at Indigenous-owned cafes and restaurants, wineries and cultural gatherings.

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Celebrate Indigenous-inspired cuisine at these 10 Eateries

Gathering and sharing food are ways for people to celebrate their culture and come together in community. Indigenous-inspired food...

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Dine Out Vancouver Festival’s Vancouver World Chef Exchange – Cross-Pacific Indigenous Nations

Cooking with fire and steam underground is an ancient Indigenous cooking method that is groundbreaking in the modern Vancouver restaurant scene....

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This Fall, Gather and Share Safely at Indigenous Restaurants and Eateries

Top Indigenous eateries are now open with reduced seating to allow for social distancing. With the growing interest in immersive Indigenous...

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Watch and Learn – Tasting of Indigenous Cultures

To celebrate National Indigenous History Month and National Indigenous Peoples Day, Indigenous Tourism BC hosted a series of free immersive and...

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Virtual Travel and Virtual Vacations

Indigenous tourism operators turn to online tools to share their knowledge and inspire your future travel with virtual tours and vacations.

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Support Your Local Indigenous Eateries

Enjoy Indigenous cuisine as part of your summer vacation and support Indigenous restauranteurs, families, and communities.

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Five Reasons to Love #IndigenousBC

To break it down, here is a list of reasons to love Indigenous tourism in Canada.

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Living Legends: Stone, Smoke & Clay

Before the appearance of stainless steel cookware and convection ovens and after the introduction of white flour and sugar, Indigenous people...

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