Living Legends

Living Legends shares stories from Indigenous Peoples in BC about the land and its stewardship, supernatural places and beings, ceremony and song–all of which are part of the great living legend that is the connection and aliveness of all things. 

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Living Legends
Living Legends are not just people.

They are the rivers, salmon, trees, songs, ceremonies, practices, and ways of knowing that have sustained Indigenous cultures for all time.

Lands and Stewardship, Ceremony and Song

Living Legends offers firsthand digital storytelling from Indigenous weavers and storytellers, dancers and language speakers, business people and community leaders who bring culture back and share it with others. It tells stories of the land and its stewardship, supernatural places and beings, ceremony and song–all of which are part of the great living legend that is the connection and aliveness of all things. 

Sustainability, Knowledge, and Innovation

Living Legends are stories from elders who have kept the knowledge, adults who relearn culture and share their enthusiasm about new opportunities to apply Indigenous Knowledge, and the youth who accept responsibility for carrying Indigenous culture and identity into the future with pride. The series also shares stories about sustainable ways of living together–Indigenous innovations in food security, architecture, and medicine. Indigenous Peoples are the original innovators and inventors and skilled in adapting to changing environments, technologies, and circumstances. 

Culture, Language, and Leadership

Living Legends tells stories of activism and self-determination, land-based healing and knowledge, culture and language–so that we hear firsthand stories from the ones who came before, the living generation, and future generations of knowledge and land keepers.

Hear these stories and know that Indigenous culture is alive and enriching life for all in BC.

Living Legends | Explore Our Stories

Living Legends: Because our Land is Beautiful

Indigenous languages are complex systems designed to preserve the knowledge of and connection to the land. The Syilx People of the Okanagan Valley are not just for the land, they are of the land. They belong to it and honour the waters and mountains that have given all generations life.

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Living Legends: Cedar is Life

Cedar is the tree of life, and it is used by Indigenous people for protection, ceremony, and in daily life. Making a small, simple item such as a bracelet reminds us of the limitless physical and spiritual gifts of the land.

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Living Legends: Stone, Smoke & Clay

Before the appearance of stainless steel cookware and convection ovens and after the introduction of white flour and sugar, Indigenous people expressed and shared culture through food.

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Living Legends: Respect, Responsibility, Balance

Indigenous stewardship practices are informed by the collective observations and interactions of countless generations living in balance and reciprocity with nature.

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Living Legends: The Teachings of the Salmon

Not only does the salmon provide food, but it also offers wisdom to those who approach it with respect. The legendary salmon swims against the flow to complete its all-important mission; its endurance in hardship to achieve the higher goal is medicine it shares with the people.

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Living Legends: Honouring our Ancestors

A traditional powwow dancer for thirty years, Mike Retasket honours the ancestors through movement. Each dip and hop on the grasslands is his way of saying thank you to the ones who came before; each feather he wears is a designation of responsibility to those who are yet to come.

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Living Legends: The Circle is the Shape

Round homes, based on a shape repeated in nature, are just one example of Indigenous innovation. Contemporary home builders now recognize the benefits of circular structures long-known to the Nlaka’pamux and other Indigenous People.

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Living Legends: Experiencing Culture Through Food

The experience of gathering together to enjoy a meal is a celebration of success and survival. When we explore the food of another culture, we learn about available ingredients, seasonal practices, and local preparation techniques.

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Living Legends: Only Good Things

Tanner Francois is relearning old ways and sharing his personal, cultural journey with guests at Quaaout Lodge, located in Chase (east of Kamloops). Warm yourself by the fire, feel the heartbeat of the drum resonate in your chest, and listen to the stories kept by the Secwepemc people.

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Living Legends: The River is the People

Monty Stevens sees the Kispiox River change people. He has spent his life on the great Skeena and Kispiox Rivers and invites you to drift in beauty on waters that are home to a dynamic people, great grizzlies, and soaring eagles.

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