Introducing The Living Legends Series

The Living Legends series documents stories of living Indigenous peoples who dedicate themselves to the resurgence and revitalization of Indigenous cultures in British Columbia.

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Indigenous medicines, stories, and ways of life are embedded in the language, land, and people and passed from one generation to the next.  Residential schools, scooping, and potlatch bans disrupted this intergenerational knowledge transfer. The revitalization of Indigenous cultures and identity is a gift for all who share values of interconnection, independence, community, knowledge, art, and environmental sustainability.  Indigenous culture, once suppressed and asleep, is now expressed and awake.

These are stories from the living elders who have kept the knowledge, the adults who relearn culture and share their enthusiasm about new opportunities to use old ways, and the youth who accept the responsibility of carrying Indigenous cultures and identities into the future with pride.

Modern Indigenous culture heroes do it with style. Indigenous people are the original innovators and inventors  and skilled in adapting to changing environments, technologies, and circumstances. Living Legends offers firsthand digital storytelling from Indigenous weavers and storytellers, dancers and language speakers, business people and community leaders who bring culture back and share it with others.

The Living Legends series tells stories of activism and self-determination so that we may honour the ones who came before, the living generation, and future generations of knowledge and land keepers. Hear these stories and know that Indigenous cultures are alive and enriching life for all in BC.

These monthly videos launch Tuesday February 12 and will be shared on our social channels.

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