Coastal Highways and Pacific Northwest Waters

Klahoose Wilderness Resort is far away from everything you know. But not too far. Getting there is both a beautiful and easy experience from present-day Vancouver. The drive from Vancouver to Lund is a notable Pacific Northwest Coastal car journey. This 5-6-hour coastal highway cruise includes two ferry rides and several short legs through seaside towns with an abundance of quaint pit stops and spectacular viewpoints. 

Explore Toba Inlet and Grizzly Habitat

From present-day Powell River, drive to Lund where Klahoose Wilderness Resort collects visitors for the last leg of the journey–a 45-minute boat ride to Desolation Sound and the resort, scheduled to depart at about 3:00 pm on Thursdays and Sundays. Additionallu, sheduled flight between Vancouver and Powell River or direct to the resort’s dock are also available (35 minutes with Pacific Coastal Airlines to Powell River Airport or 60 minutes with CorilAir to the resort’s dock).

Guests depart Lund at 3 pm and travel by boat to Desolation Sound, with its lush rainforest and glacial blue waters, and you’ll be at your final destination. Once there, a tailored-to-you menu inspired by the Salish Sea, coastal farm-to-table movements, and rainforest-foraged delicaciesBritish Columbia, and the delicacies, this luxury eco-resort will take care of all of your needs. 

You are here to explore Yekwamen (yɛkʷamɛn) or Toba Inlet–one of the nearest points in the world-famous Great Bear Rainforest on the coast of BC and a consistent provider of wildlife experiences with stewards who live with and guide you through the territory they share with grizzlies. Occupying traditional territories that span from Cortes Island to Toba Inlet, the Klahoose Nation has existed since time before memory.

Salmon Runs and Grizzly Feasts

Though open year-long to visitors, the most popular time to retreat to Klahoose Wildnerness Resort is from mid-August to mid-October for the annual salmon run in Toba Inlet that attracts grizzly bears and wildlife watchers alike. 

All-inclusive three and four-day packages include meals, transfers, and two dedicated grizzly bear viewing tours with guides who share their knowledge of a cycle that has always been part of Klahoose life.

Go Big and Stay Home

A journey to this eco-luxury resort is once in a lifetime, take home a personal mission trip that supports rainforest protection and Indigenous People in the near Pacific Northwest. It’s your chance to co-imagine an experience that involves safe wilderness exploration, guided by Indigenous hosts with a strong land stewardship plan, making it possible to preserve and share this unique experience.

📸 All photos in this blog post from Klahoose Wilderness Resort