Everything is connected.

What each of us does has a profound impact on every living creature. Our health and wholeness is written upon the land and dependent on each other. We invite you to reflect on these precious resources as you take a video journey across Indigenous lands in British Columbia.

The voices in this video represent just some of the more than 34 Indigenous languages in BC. Indigenous languages are the voice of the land. Words and concepts contain rules for right relationship to the land and each other–valuable lessons as we navigate toward a future beyond the current health crisis. We honour Indigenous languages and speakers for holding the knowledge of this beautiful land and a blueprint for balance and wellness upon it.

We support those Indigenous communities and businesses who are open or are planning to receive visitors. We respect those who decide to remain closed for the safety of Indigenous communities, elders, children, knowledge keepers, and lands.

For now, we pause and follow the lead of Indigenous land and knowledge keepers. We celebrate the power to make choices that protect our most vulnerable and precious resources. We learn from the unbroken connection between Indigenous people, communities, lands, and the supernatural world and trust that this hard-earned wisdom will guide our healing and bring us back to each other.

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