Monty Stevens sees the Kispiox River change people. He has spent his life on the great Skeena and Kispiox Rivers and invites you to drift in beauty on waters that are home to a dynamic people, great grizzlies, and soaring eagles.

For Stevens, the flow and life of these waterways are inextricable from life in Gitksan Territory and integral to the experiences offered by Kispiox River Adventures, ranging from gentle river rafting to steelhead fishing tours. The Kispiox River is mellow and welcoming to all who seek direct experience with freshwater and life in Northern British Columbia.

The Skeena and Kispiox Rivers snake, rush and converge at Kispiox: a 3000-year old village in Gitksan Territory. The ancient village at the confluence of the Kispiox and Skeena Rivers is marked with impressive Hereditary Totem Poles, belonging to different Houses or Families.

Great learning happens under vivid sunrises on the Skeena and Kispiox Rivers, with Gitksan guides who provide intimate knowledge of local Indigenous culture.  These rivers sustain life in Gitksan Territory. Monty Stevens and Kispiox River Adventures are honoured to share their great respect for the water that flows through the veins of the Gitskan people.

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The River is the People