Haida House at Tllaal

Tl’lyahda - Making it Right

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Authentic Indigenous recognizes Haida House at Tllaal as a significant part of the new Haida plan for economic development and value-based community-building on Haida Gwaii, for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

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Haida House at Tllaal

The Council of Haida Nation called for the end of recreational bear hunting on Haida Gwaii in 1995 and the Nation’s economic development arm, Haida Enterprise Corporation (HaiCo), bought the property and retired the last remaining bear hunting licenses.


In 2012, the elegant post and beam hideaway transformed from a resource-extraction business to a 100% Haida-owned cultural, eco-tourism operation. The newly born Haida House at Tllaal (Tllaal means Fireweed in Xaayda Kil) opened its doors to visitors seeking authentic cultural experiences in an area of unspoiled natural beauty.

This culture-based economic development choice by the Haida ended trophy bear hunting on Haida Gwaii and offered a new reminder to all of the importance of the health and wellness of the animals to healthy communities.


More than half of the staff at Haida House are Haida. Through land keeping and cultural interpretations, nature conservation tours, and educational partnerships, your Haida hosts strive for a balance between providing memorable cultural experiences to visitors and delivering employment and learning opportunities to the Island communities.

Community culinary and artisanal partnerships support home-grown entrepreneurs, as well as local non-Indigenous businesses. The Haida House invests significantly in local employment by offering ‘hands-on’ Food and Beverage and Hospitality Management training onsite. These community-minded actions help to preserve Yahguudang or respect for all living things.

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Since the purchase of the eight-acres Haida House at Tllaal sits on, HaiCo has acquired an additional 40+ acres of adjacent land, including the longest beach on Haida Gwaii, now protected and shared by Haida people. The Haida House holds a gold standing with Green Tourism Canada and is a devotee of the 100-mile diet, supporting many local farms and Ocean Wise products from its local sister seafood company, Haida Wild, also owned by HaiCo.

Constantly evaluating its performance in the broader perspective, the Haida House strives to carry a ‘triple bottom line’ philosophy, and measures success through the lens of social responsibility, economic value, and environmental impact. Healthy and sustainable people, profits, and environment inspire these advocates of the ‘leave no footprint’ philosophy.

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