Shaping the future of Aboriginal Tourism

About Us

The Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia (AtBC) is a non-profit, stakeholder-based organization that is committed to growing and promoting a sustainable, culturally rich Aboriginal tourism industry. A sustainable Aboriginal tourism sector with diverse products in communities in every region of the province is recognized as one of the major focuses for achieving the target set by the Premier to double tourism revenues in B.C. by 2015. Through training, information resources, networking opportunities and co-operative marketing programs, AtBC is a one-stop resource for Aboriginal entrepreneurs and communities in British Columbia who are operating or looking to start a tourism business. AtBC works closely with tourism, business, education and government organizations to help B.C.‘s Aboriginal tourism businesses offer quality experiences and actively promotes these experiences to visitors and local residents.


Our vision is a prosperous and respectful Aboriginal cultural tourism industry sharing authentic products that exceed visitor expectations.


Our Mission is to provide training, awareness, product development and marketing to support a sustainable authentic Aboriginal cultural tourism industry in British Columbia while contributing to cultural preservation and economic development.


  • Improve awareness of Aboriginal tourism among Aboriginal communities and entrepreneurs
  • Support tourism-based community, human resources and economic development in Aboriginal communities
  • Capitalize on key opportunities, such as festivals and events that will forward the development of Aboriginal cultural tourism
  • Together with other tourism industry partners, participate in market research and marketing promotion and advertising initiatives and activities that benefit the Aboriginal tourism industry
  • Improve communication with Aboriginal tourism industry, keeping industry partners informed of important developments and AtBC’s plans and activities and providing them with opportunities to provide input to the association

Strategic Priorities

Our key five-year strategic priorities are:

  • Marketing
  • Experience Development
  • Partnerships & Special Projects
  • Leadership & Organizational Excellence

Click here to download "Pulling Together: 2017-2022: A Five-year Strategy for Aboriginal Cultural Tourism in British Columbia" in PDF.