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Inez Cook

Inez Cook
Director at Large

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Inez Cook (Snitsmana) belongs to the Nuxalk Nation from Bella Coola and is the cofounder of Salmon n’ Bannock, a successful First Nations bistro in Vancouver. Salmon n’ Bannock has helped introduce Inez to locals and visitors with a large interest in Aboriginal culture, history, and food. Salmon n’ Bannock is rated as one of the top 10 best restaurants in Vancouver on Trip Advisor and has won several awards as well.

Inez has also been in the travel industry for over 23 years, giving her the opportunity to live all over the world in places such as Toronto, Montreal, Saudi Arabia, Cairo, Mumbai, Nigeria, Tunisia, and Manchester. While living abroad, she was always searching for culture but found that culture was always with her.

Inez is proud to promote and showcase the rich culture of First Nations. She is truly honoured to join the AtBC board of Directors and looks forward to the bright future of Aboriginal Tourism.