Story Ideas

A collection of story ideas that showcase some of the amazing Indigenous travel experiences available in BC.

Authenticity found with Indigenous Tours

Two-hundred and forty years have passed and now they’re coming again. Captain James Cook’s arrival on Nootka Island, home of the Nuu-chah-nulth nation, in 1778 marked the first known visit by ...

Escape on Vancouver Island

Aboriginal tour operators and businesses in the welcoming communities in northern Vancouver Island open their homes to guests who arrive wanting to know more about First Nations cultures, and ...

5 Restaurants to Visit in BC

Celebrity chef Rich Francis talks about Indigenous cuisine plus learn where to enjoy bannock, salmon and more.

For Aboriginal Communities, ‘Spring Break’ Means Spirituality

“Spring break” has a connotation for Aboriginal communities that is starkly different than its meaning for the rest of society.

Culture, Not Costumes: The Art of Regalia

“A costume denotes dressing as something you are not,” Dangeli said. “All our regalia has our stories and history behind it. And the regalia we use in our dance group, our masks, we have over a ...

Talking Totems

Celebrated BC artist Andy Everson shared his vast knowledge of totem poles recently, following a totem pole tour through Thunderbird Park beside the Royal BC Museum that he gave during the ...

Meet a Local Legend: K'odi Henry Frank Nelson

Hailing from the Musgamakw Dzawada’enuxw Nation, K’odi is helping revive his culture and instill pride back into the future generation!

Meet a Local Legend: The Salmon

The perseverance to restore salmon stocks and keep age-old tradition and culture alive is a lesson learned from the salmon itself.

Meet a Local Legend: K’umugwe Dancers

Meet 13-year old Jessie Everson in the next episode of our ‘Meet a Local Legend’ video series.

The Art of Cowichan Knitting

When it comes to Canadian Aboriginal art, weathered totem poles, carved wooden masks, or colourful paintings come to mind. But what about knitting?

Meet Coyote, an Indigenous "Legend"

Coyote, he is a trickster and a helper - and he helped shape one First Nations conception of the world.

A Return to my Roots

We sent our Marketing Coordinator, Ryan Rogers, to check out c̓əsnaʔəm, The City Before the City.

A Celebration of Living Culture

Toque & Canoe correspondent Don Enright reflects on the riches of Victoria's Aboriginal Festival.

BC’s Summer Aboriginal Festivals

Canada’s Aboriginal peoples host a variety of colourful and fascinating festivals and events to celebrate their culture.

Top Aboriginal Land Adventures

Enjoy the outdoors through an authentic Aboriginal cultural tourism experience.

A True Celebration of Aboriginal Culture

Immerse yourself in authentic Aboriginal culture in Victoria, BC from June 19-21.

Top Reasons to Stay in an Indigenous Hotel in BC

Aboriginal-owned accommodations aren’t like the average hotel, it’s an unforgettable cultural experience.

The Return of a Cultural Artifact

A rare Chilkat ceremonial blanket that was discovered on the Paris auction block has made its way back home to British Columbia.

Top 10 Aboriginal Water Adventures

Enjoy the bountiful ocean, rivers, and lakes of the West Coast through fishing tours, kayak adventures, and more.

The Rare Cougar Masks of the Pacific Northwest

Learn why the elusive and mysterious cougar seems just as rare in First Nations art.

Putting Aboriginal Cuisine on the Map

A behind the scenes interview with Kim Gray from Toque and Canoe.

Top 5 Spring Aboriginal Adventures

Visitors to BC can participate in a number of activities this Spring, ranging from storm watching to cultural discoveries.

Hobiyee 2015

There is a big celebration planned for the Nisga’a First Nation’s New Year, both at Vancouver’s PNE and in Gingolx, BC.

The Bounty of Bannock

Bannock or “frybread” has long been a staple of Canadian Aboriginal cuisine.

First Nation Gifts for the Season

The holiday season is upon us, and that means there are only a few days left to find the perfect gift for that special someone.

The Sweat Lodge – An Aboriginal Healing Experience

The sweat lodge is perhaps the most well-known of Aboriginal purification ceremonies.

Aboriginal-Inspired Delights

A mouth watering First Nations twist on an old fashioned pudding - the Berry Bannock Pudding.

The Importance of the Feast

Feasting is an important part of First Nations culture in British Columbia.

Saskatoon Berry Smoothie Recipe

The amazing folks at Kekuli Cafe show you how to make their most popular smoothie! Delicious and nutritious!

Sharing Salmon on the Skeena River

Salmon have always been vital to the First Nations people of British Columbia.

The Wild Woman of the Woods

First Nations Carver Raymond Shaw chats with fellow artist Andy Everson about the Wild Woman of the Woods mask that he is working on.

Tools for Carving the Thunderbird

Gordon Dick chats about a Thunderbird mask he is working on with fellow artist Andy Everson.

Artists in Conversation on Culture

Andy Everson and Gordon Dick discuss the differences between Kwakwaka'wakw and Nuu-chah-nulth art.

Unplug and Connect to Nature

Eco-tourism is overtaking the upscale and iconic hotel market, offering authentic experiences that are more about filling the soul.

A Return to Tradition

Names are important. They help to identify the people, places and things in our world, and for many cultures, the naming of something lends it a certain power and strength.

Dugout Canoes: A Master Carver

Joe Martin is one of the remaining, rare master carvers, and he is helping bring about a resurgence of canoe culture and carving knowledge to his people.

Skwachàys Lodge: Portal to the Past

Visitors to BC interested in learning more about our First Nations now have the enticing option of staying in an authentic and entirely Aboriginal-themed hotel.

Dugout Canoes: A Family Affair

Learn about the significance of dugout canoes for the Tla-o-qui-aht people and listen to a traditional paddling song.

The Joy of Knowledge Shared

T’ui’tanat’s enthusiasm for sharing her First Nations culture is infectious as she talks about huckleberries on a recent tour.

Listening to the Forest

Talaysay Tours is now offering their “Talking Trees” tours in Vancouver's world-famous Stanley Park.

A Coast Salish Welcome to Stanley Park

Vancouver blogger Miss604 was recently treated to a traditional Coast Salish Welcome Song in Stanley Park.

Sharing Our Living Languages

Did you know that British Columbia is the most linguistically rich province in Canada for First Nations languages?

The Voice of Her Ancestors

Aboriginal Tourism BC's latest television commercial features the usual stunning footage of our Aboriginal cultural experiences; but it also has a very special and unique soundtrack.

Preserving Secwepemc Traditions and History

Discover exhibits and artifacts of the Secwepemc People in Kamloops, British Columbia.

A Unique, Hands-On Experience

Wander through real First Nation fishing villages and explore active Aboriginal archaeological sites.

Sharing the Haida Culture with the World

Immerse yourself in the history and traditions of the Haida First Nations.

An Unforgettable Golfing Experience

Tee up for an unforgettable and unique golfing adventure in Chase, B.C.

Lakeside Comfort and Class

Visit the Quaaout Lodge for a restful, beautiful experience.

Serenity, Beauty, and Culture on Haida Gwaii

Relax and discover an idyllic and unique Aboriginal treasure.

Alert Bay: A Powerhouse of Aboriginal Culture

Experience the history and heritage of the area, and the challenges that the people of Alert Bay have had to overcome.

Gathering Place for R&R Seekers - and Golfers

Quaaout Lodge’s quiet hospitality invites guests to return time and again.

Remote, Yet Local, Cultural Experience

Discover First Nations’ heritage and history.

Bistro Makes Aboriginal Food with a Modern Twist

Salmon n’ Bannock specialties include heavenly house-smoked salmon

Taste a Piece of Ancient History on the River

Embark on a thrilling and memorable jet boat excursion through some of B.C.’s most pristine wilderness.

Sleeping in a Teepee along the Fraser River

A father-daughter duo experiences a night in a teepee next to the river at Tuckkwiowhum Village.

A Spectacular Ocean Journey Awaits!

Aboriginal Journeys takes you where eagles soar and seals frolic in the traditional territory of the Laichwiltach people.

Paddle Into the Past

Aboriginal canoe tour shares stories and customs of an ancient land.

Ready for a West Coast Kayaking Adventure?

Learn about the ultimate sea kayaking adventure and connect with First Nations culture and history.

Don’t Panic… We Have Bannock!

Kekuli Café’s success is based on delicious Aboriginal secret recipe.

Get into the pow wow spirit and try a bannock taco

Here’s a round up of pow wows happening around B.C.

A Taste of Aboriginal Culture

Every Tuesday Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre cooks up a new summer tradition.

Fish Fins… Growing up in the Sechelt Nation

Living life from the land and sea.

Bannock – A traditional food

Bannock is more than just food, it has been bringing people together for centuries.

Sharing the Stories of Our Ancestors

Why we share these ancient tales with visitors.

Kekuli : Pit House

Sharon Bond of the Nooaitch First Nation shares the meaning of the word "Kekuli".

Celebrating Aboriginal Culture

Visitors welcomed with open doors and open hearts.

The Art of Storytelling

Rediscovering the Art of Storytelling

Spa-ath : Bear

Joyce Jack shares the Halkomelem word meaning bear.

The Haida Gwaii Experience

Haida Gwaii, or “Islands of the People”, can be found off the remote west coast of northern British Columbia.

Spakwus Eagle

Forest George of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation shares the word for "eagle" in the Squamish language.

Connecting with the Creator’s Creatures

Aboriginal guides share BC’s abundant and varied wildlife with visitors.

Max’inux Killer Whale

Mike Child shares the Kwakiutl Nation word for killer whale.

Takaya Wolf

Dennis Thomas shares the Tsleil-Waututh Nation word for wolf.

Feasting First Nations-style

For a truly Canadian feast, you have to try authentic First Nations cooking.

Land of Our Ancestors

Discover B.C.’s magnificent geography through the eyes of its first peoples

A Warm Welcome in Stanley Park

“Klahowya” means “Welcome” in the Chinook trading language.

Ktunaxa Greeting to Visitors

Lillian Rose shares a Ktunaxa "greeting for visitors"

Weaving cedar. Weaving stories.

Weaving art and culture together – a First Nations tradition.

First Nations Carvings and Culture

A look at centuries-old Aboriginal totem, mask and carving traditions still being used to make First Nations art today.

Kwak’wala : Respect

Pewi Alfred shares the Kwak'wala word for “Respect”

Savouring the Flavours of Aboriginal Culture

An interesting look at two very different expressions of the First Nations tradition of the salmon as feast.